Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Ryoyo Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter “The Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information and telecommunications society and strictly abides by regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and pledges to protect personal information in accordance with the policies outlined below.

(1)  Acquisition of Personal Information
*The Company will make every effort to respect the laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information in the acquisition of such information.
(2)  Use of Personal Information
*The Company will use personal information only for purposes necessary in the conduction of the business of The Company, which will be outlined at the time of acquisition of such information.
(3)  Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
*The Company, with the exception of the cases listed below, will not supply personal information to third parties without prior approval of the provider of said information.
  1. In cases where it is necessary to disclose personal information to, for example, other companies within the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group in order to provide appropriate response to inquiries or requests.
  2. In cases where the provision of private information without the prior consent of the provider of such information is permitted under the relevant laws.
  3. In cases of provision of personal information to a company to which work is consigned, provision of such information will be restricted to the information necessary to implement the consigned work.
(4)  Handling of Personal Information
*The Company will make every effort to maintain the security and accuracy of personal information handled by the company.
*The Company will take appropriate security measures to prevent and eliminate the risk of such incidents as illegal access and infection by computer virus, and to protect against loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
*The Company will not leak personal information and will not engage in such actions as disclosing and transmitting personal information to third parties.
(5)  Disclosure, Amendment, Discontinuation, and Deletion of Personal Information
*The Company recognizes the individual’s right to disclose, amend, discontinue, and delete personal information, and will promptly respond to any requests by the provider of such information, directed to the contact information below, in accordance with regulations.
(6)  Inquiries and Consultations Regarding Personal Information
All inquiries and consultations regarding the handling of personal information should be directed to the address or phone number listed below.

Contact Information for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Hibiya Building 7F, 1-1

Shimbashi 1-chome Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan 105-0004
Ryoyo Trading Co., Ltd. General Affairs Division
phone: +81-3-3505-3754